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About Us

5StarPR, LLC specializes in high-impact public relations, marketing, analyst and investor relations and special events for emerging and public companies.

Because markets today move at hyperspeed, companies depend on strategic, integrated business communications to help them respond quickly and credibly to critical constituencies. To stay ahead of the game means getting messages focused and delivered. Fast. Clearly. Convincingly. To shareholders and analysts. To the media. To customers. And to employees.

Outstanding Results

Clients expect outstanding results, and 5StarPR delivers.

Before every campaign, we ensure clarity around expected results, set measurable objectives that are directly tied to a client's business goals, and build a strategic plan based on solid research about a company's competition, markets and customer base. Everything we do - from counsel to evaluation, planning to execution - is designed to position our clients for competitive advantage in today's fast-paced business climate.

Exceptional Service

We believe in exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients, each and every day. At 5StarPR, we set high standards of excellence. We deliver what we promise. And getting to "Wow" is our ultimate client goal for every project, great or small. Exceptional service is what our clients expect. Exceptional service is what we deliver. On budget and on time.

Pros with Proven Experience

Senior-level professionals with proven, real-world business and communications experience personally handle every client project, from start to finish. We hand-pick strong writers, strategic thinkers and people with the creativity to spark ideas with staying power. Who have the know-how to reach the media, investment community, customers and employees with the right mix of messages using the most effective tools and techniques. And a whatever-it-takes dedication to seeing clients succeed.

Guaranteed Value

Return-on-investment isn't just a buzzword at 5StarPR. We provide clients with affordable pricing options, custom-fit to their project and budget needs, without long-term commitments or monthly minimum requirements typical at other firms. Our menu of nuts and bolts services — all a la carte — allow clients to pick and choose the tasks they need done — cost-effectively and with optimal flexibility. And, unlike other firms, we don't mark up our costs.

Optimal Flexibility

Our unique structure as an independent agency means we can quickly scale operations up or down as a client's project needs evolve, thereby saving money without sacrificing quality. This flexible approach gives clients the best of both worlds — scalable access to senior IR, PR and marketing expertise at a competitive price point.